Helm Advisors


Art as an Asset

We advise on taxation from a US and UK perspective in relation to art transactions/ the most efficient structures for the purchase or sale of artworks, as well as the risks inherent in selling in the major global art centres. We have a particular focus on managing key decisions relating to art held on trust and the reporting inherent in art structures for beneficiaries and trustees in the US and the UK.

Helm Advisors ensures that any art transactions are preceded by robust due diligence reviews on the artworks, the parties involved and the transactions themselves. With our offshore experience and expertise our ability to red-flag check transactions is unparalleled in the art market. Whilst our due diligence checks may be complemented by technology, they are driven by human analysis to ensure optimal risk mitigation. We can accordingly also bring our forensic skills to bear in assisting in the recovery of stolen and looted art.

We advise on art consignment agreements to galleries as well as loans of quality pieces to museums and exhibitions (including in relation to government indemnity schemes). For artists, we can advise on putting in place valid last will and testaments to regulate their affairs, including in relation to key aspects of the artists estate. We also advise on putting in place efficient structures for the receipt of any royalties associated with the artist’s oeuvre.